Softcopy PhotogrammetryPhotogrammetry is the primary method to collect accurate and detailed topographic data for mapping and GIS. Schlencker Mapping has a highly skilled team of Photogrammetrists offering the organisation a wealth of experience. Schlencker Mapping has been using Softcopy Photogrammetry technology since 2003 and has the largest photogrammetric capacity in Queensland.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the measurement of features or objects on aerial imagery by recreating a stereo view (3D perception) using specialist instruments and/or software.

Softcopy Photogrammetry uses scanned aerial images or satellite imagery and specialist software to perform photogrammetric measurements on a computer monitor with the aid of stereo glasses. The advantage of softcopy over conventional photogrammetry is that measurements can be made directly over the image, thus reducing mapping and editing time and improving on mapping precision.

Using softcopy technology, stereo imagery and mapping is digital and cohesive which means that Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) can be produced rapidly and accurately.

Softcopy Photogrammetry


Schlencker Mapping's softcopy software supports full photogrammetric production from triangulation and adjustment to final symbolised map and orthophoto output. It allows the creation of digital maps and orthophotos from aerial or satellite images. The system works in stereo mode with stereoscopic software and works in mono/mono+ mode without any additional hardware.


The photogrammetric workstations are based on a standard Intel-compatible computer working on Windows 10. Users can move the floating mark with a classic handwheels/footdisk combination and/or with the mouse. Stereo glasses are used for observation. One micron encoders and 3D capability digitise with subpixel accuracy.

    Photogrammetry Services

Our services include:

  • Planning and project management
  • Acquisition of film and digital aerial photography
  • Aerial Triangulation and Block Adjustment
  • High accuracy topographic mapping (+/- 50mm vertical accuracy)
  • Compilation of DTMs
  • Asset mapping
  • Volume/stockpile measurements
  • Mine/blast profile updates

Gold Coast City Council
3 Monthly update mapping of Stapylton and Reedy Creek landfills on the Gold Coast
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